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Cinema Hygiene Tips

Its the season: With the festive season coming up, many will flock to the movie theatres. Remember to keep a sanitiser bottle with you. Ripe for the picking: Before eating your popcorn, make sure to either wash your hands before, sanitise or use anti-bacterial wipes. Don’t get too comfortable: Wipe down your seat’s arm-rest as […]

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Gym Shower Hygiene Tips

Thriving in darkness: Dermatophytes, a group of fungal infections that cause athletes foot and more, thrives in damp and moist areas like your gym bag or gym locker. Make sure to always wear shoes in the gym. Not your kind of gym buddy: Staphylococcus and methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus are bacteria that love gym equipment.

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Playground Hygiene Tips

Don’t play it safe: Protect your kids by teaching them basic hygiene rules like washing their hands. Breath of fresh air: Avoid indoor playgrounds as germs get trapped inside. Wipe down: Playground surfaces have been tested positive for urine, faeces, mucus, saliva and other blood-born pathogens. Playground, breeding ground: Playground aren’t cleaned regularly making them

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Workplace Hygiene Tips

Need a tissue for your issue?: Got the sniffles? Use tissue to clean your nose. This way you can avoid fluids spreading surface to surface. Hygiene is not an inconvenience: Keep sanitiser with you if you’re unable to wash your hands when work gets in the way. You can protect yourself and your co-workers this

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